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Permission to Heal: Interview With Monique

Here at Worlds of Wellness, we’re here to create a sanctuary of healing for everyone who steps through our doors. Our gifted therapists possess decades of collective mastery and expertise of the body through massage therapy practices. In that, they facilitate a space for the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Our founder and owner, Monique Bottalico, hand-crafted a team of dedicated practitioners because of their commitment to wellness. Monique herself is an award-winning massage therapist with over two decades of experience. 

We got the chance to sit down for a dynamic interview with Monique. In this illuminating discussion, we explored the different types of massages best for sports injury, chronic pain, muscle pain, and more. The interview came down to one key takeaway: Worlds of Wellness is a space that gives people permission to heal. 

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Best Modalities for Sports Injury, Chronic Pain, and More

Sports Injury

Worlds of Wellness offers a wide range of services to the Ocean City Community. When asked about the best ways to treat a sports injury, Monique told us:

“At times, with student athletes, it’s more ringing of the tissue. It’s about getting the muscles thoroughly emptied out with massage techniques. It’s similar to muscle re-education. Recovery is just as important, if not more important than training. It also gives them a great beginning for self-care…They can come to a modality such as a massage for stress on top of their athletic performance.”

Worlds of Wellness offers sports massage to alleviate the pain and stress that comes with a rigorous athletic schedule.

Chronic Pain

The same ideology can also be applied to those struggling with chronic pain. In many cases, chronic pain can occur as a result of an injury, accident, or illness. Monique expands on this,

“…A qualified person or massage therapist will ease the tissue into a more flexible state. Everybody has a different pain threshold, some people may not even be able to receive a massage. If that’s the case, ice it. If it’s from work habits – we can help the muscles relax and function better. If someone doesn’t know the cause of their injury, it’s up to the massage therapist to recommend the best course of action.”

Monique also talked more about Worlds of Wellness’ philosophy when it comes to those who struggle with chronic pain:

“I want people to know that there is help for chronic conditions..and to give people a sense of well-being.”

Muscle Pain

Many clients who come into Worlds of Wellness also complain about overall muscle pain. When this is the case, Monique says,

“It’s all relative to how much pain they have…I would recommend Swedish massage or Raindrop Therapy. A great modality for chronic pain, from arthritis to autoimmune disorders, is raindrop therapy. All-over pain can also be from an overabundance of stress…Sometimes when I massage someone, they say ‘I didn’t even know I had muscles there.’”

It’s also important to note that muscle pain can stem from a range of varying issues. Generally, it’s always a good idea to talk to your massage therapist beforehand to receive the most effective treatment.

Release Pain, Release Emotion, Find Relaxation, and Heal

What many clients don’t realize is that massage therapy can release pain along with heavy emotions. Healing happens through the body. Many massage therapists have guided their clients through emotional releases, too. Monique shares,

“I’ve dealt with a lot of people with grief. It’s about helping them to get into a place where they give themselves permission to heal. The human body is so amazing because it wants to be healed. It builds new cells and it’s renewing every moment of every day. We can encourage our bodies to heal.”

Finding relaxation and peace is possible. Healing is possible. The core mission of Worlds of Wellness can altogether be encapsulated in this statement,

“It’s about giving people hope. People get so scared because they’re in pain and they’re not finding answers anywhere else. We get them on the table, feel things out, and let the body heal and recover. It’s so gratifying, they leave here and they feel so much more peaceful.”

Find Relief From Back Pain, a Stiff Neck, or Chronic Pain with Massage Therapy

So if you’re struggling with chronic pain from muscle stiffness, injury, or more, we’re here to help. Above all, our team of devoted massage therapists is ready to support you in your healing journey. Contact us and learn more about our range of healing services.

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