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Life as a Licensed Massage Therapist

At Worlds of Wellness, we seek to exemplify the standards necessary for delivering the utmost therapeutic care and compassion. In addition, we foster a family that will push one’s abilities and welcomes all those who wish to take their art to the next level. It only takes the desire to move forward and make a difference in the world to find a home as a team member at Worlds of Wellness.

Looking to join the Worlds of Wellness Team?

panoramic view of the worlds of wellness office offering massage and masseuse therapy

Worlds of Wellness always seeks a dedicated team of hands and like-minded individuals to bolster our ranks. We are constantly on the lookout for those dedicated to the craft of healing and mending muscles worn down by the trials and tribulations of daily life. If you are passionate about making a difference as a massage therapist and seek to use your abilities to the highest capacity, Worlds of Wellness just might be able to give you a new home to harness your craft.

A Massage Therapist Salary and You

At Worlds of Wellness, we offer a comprehensive compensation package, covering a wide range of salaries based on experience level. There are plenty of growth opportunities to be found here, as the extent of one’s craft can be honed and fostered amidst a family of like-minded individuals. All it takes is reaching out to one of our coordinators to get more info on various career paths and what a massage therapist’s salary at Worlds of Wellness might look like. So, simply visit Worlds of Wellness today to start the next chapter of your journey as a healer.