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Raindrop Treatment

Your peripheral nerves are the nerves outside your brain and spinal column. Most of them branch out from the spinal cord, making it an essential part of your health. Raindrop therapy benefits the spinal column nerves that feed the entire body. It’s a soothing treatment that relaxes and nurtures. Raindrop therapy promotes wellness long after the initial treatment. The benefits to the body can last for days, to even months after application. 

Why is it Called Raindrop Therapy?

Raindrop therapy got its name from how the treatment’s essential oils are applied. The masseuse drips the oils along the spine from a height of about six inches. This mimics the feel of raindrops falling on the skin. It increases the relaxing, therapeutic feelings experienced during the session. 

What is Raindrop Therapy?

During a raindrop treatment session, therapeutic essential oils are applied to the client’s spine, neck, and feet. The hour-long therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, and moist heat to encourage alignment and healing in the body. 

Nutritionist Gary Young developed raindrop therapy based on the theory that pathogens lie dormant in the spine. He believed that pathogens cause inflammation, therefore misaligning the spine. Antimicrobial oils reduce inflammation and kill pathogens, providing relief from symptoms. 

“Monique took great care of me at WOW. I had been suffering for years after a rear-end car accident. I had done extensive physical therapy, epidurals and medications such as Tramadol and Flexeril. Monique performed a deep tissue massage that actually helped me with my extreme muscle tension in my neck, shoulder and entire left side of my back (more than any PT or medical procedure or pill ever did). I also had pain going down the left side of my glute and hamstring down to my knee. After the second visit, I was able to comfortably work a physical job the entire summer. She actually healed me. I got the raindrop treatment and it was very relaxing. The music, the scents and the entire atmosphere had me calm and relaxed. Everyone there is friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend WOW to anyone that has been suffering for a long time with tension and pain. Thanks again!”
(Absecon, NJ)

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This relaxing treatment is meant to soothe and nurture the body. Massage is an effective stress relief treatment that promotes wellness and spiritual healing. Contact us today to book an appointment or ask about our services.